How to get to Jabali Theertham !

Jabali is located 5km away from main temple, en route to Akasaganga-Papavinasam.If we pick up Papavinasam vehicles(RTC bus) we can easily reach there.Ask the bus crew,they will help you get down at the entrance of Jabali.From there main Jabali Anjaneya Swamy Temple is hardly 1km.You should have brisk walk for 20-30 mts to reach the sacred divine place,"Jabali Anjaneya Swamy Temple". Now there is stone carved stepped path way. In 1990's (and earlier) there was not any arranged way.Hanuman Devotees used to go there on a briefly marked path way in thick forest. I have been visiting this holy place since late 90's ie., prior to the newly constructed stone carved path way.

Significance of Jabali Theertham !

Jabali is the beautiful place on Tirumala Hills, where Hanuman God believed to be born to Anjanadevi in Tretayuga. Swayambhu Vigneswara gradually protruded on the trunk of a Divine/Devata Tree at Jabali theertham.100 meters away behind Hanuman temple there is a small tank with pure water enriched with rare vanamulikas known as "Seeta Kund",where it is believed that Seeta Devi bathed in Tretayuga.There after A great saint Jabali Maharshi lived and practiced tapassu in this sacred location, that is why this place known as "JABALI THEERTHAM".
If any body facing serious Graha Doshas they can visit this place and worship Hanuman and Vigneswara they can surely get relief.